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Simplify • Automate • Manage

Manage Rent Collection on your Couch

Streamline rent collection and tenant communication from home

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Simplify • Automate • Manage

Take Charge of your Properties on the go

Free up your time for what truly matters - Growing your property investments!

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Simplify • Automate • Manage

Effortless Property Management from the Comfort of Your Home

Oversee your portfolio effortlessly from the coziness of your personal sanctuary

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Automated Rent Collection & Reconciliation

Tenant Management

Expense and Maintenance

Visitor Management

Vehicles and Parking Management

Water and Utilities

Automated Invoicing and Receipting

Multi-User Access

Reports and Analytics

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We streamline all aspects of property management.

Silqu is a property management solution, specifically designed for landlords and property managers in Africa. Particularly those managing properties from Kenya and abroad.

For Landlords

Individual and professional landlords managing properties.

For Property Managers & Agents

Professionals managing multiple properties for different clients.

Property Management from Afar

Distribution of Silqu Landlords

900+Landlords managing from afar
10K+Properties under Silqu Management
5+Years of commitment


Success Stories from Silqu Landlords and Managers

Dive into the inspiring world of Silqu’s success stories, where individuals have transformed challenges into triumphs.

Explore how Silqu is shaping futures and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams, one success story at a time.

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I dont write reviews but I had to for Silqu. Joined in January after a hectic period dealing with agents and caretakers. To the point where revenue was at 30% plus a delipidated property.3 months later I'm at 90% and I can now fix the property knowing revenues are plannable.From Ruth and Hazel, wonderful people to work with.

Lynn Njura

As a landlord from the diaspora, SILQU makes my life so much easier. The transparency, professionalism and reliability of this management system is truly remarkable. I am indeed a smart landlord, try them out.

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Property Management Made Easy

Get the smart way to manage rental property from rent collection and tenant management to maintenance and financial reporting

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