Terms And Conditions

The Terms

SILQU retains the right to change the Terms without prior notification of the user. The valid version of the Terms can be found on the website of SILQU (silqu.com). Registration to the Service means accepting the Terms and, at the same time, creates a binding agreement between the user and SILQU (thereinafter "Agreement"). If the user does not agree with the Terms, SILQU appeals to the user to terminate the use of the property management technology (thereinafter "Service").

Service provider

"silqu" or "silqu.com" is a property management system created by SILQU (thereinafter "Service"). The user connects to the application through their own device (computer, tablet, mobile phone...) using their mobile number and password). By doing so, they are enabled to access the functions of the system.


The user is either a landlord, tenant, property manager, agent, caretaker, service provider or a person who is in a business relationship or a similar relationship to the Provider. By acceptance of these Terms the user commits to use their user account and the provided services only in accordance with applicable KENYAN laws of and these Terms. In the event of a breach of the foregoing, the user agrees to assume full responsibility for all the damages arising in connection with this violation.

User Account

By registration, the user is allowed to use the system. The user is compelled to protect their password and user account from violation by a third-party subject. By registering and therefore accepting these Terms, the user agrees to take responsibility for all the actions that happen due to the use of their account.

Rights and Obligations

Services provided by SILQU can be used only in accordance with applicable legislation and these Terms. In case of any user activity breaching the applicable legislation or these Terms, the Provider, according to his own consideration, reserves the right to refuse the service, terminate or disable user accounts.

International Users

The user using the services from any place other than KENYA is fully responsible for respecting and observing of all the international laws and applicable local legislation. By accepting these Terms, the user therefore commits not to use the provided services in ways which would be in conflict with legislation (i.e., applicable laws, international treaties, regulations, restrictions), these Terms and licensing agreements. In the event of a breach of the foregoing, the user agrees to assume full responsibility for all the damages arising in connection with this violation.

License Agreement

All the content and the services, such as but not limited to code, language, text, graphics, logos, icons, images and the software, is the property of the Provider. The user agrees to refrain from violating the copyrights of the Provider. The user understands that by registering they are given no license, either exclusive or non-exclusive, to the ownership of the Service which is the original work of the Provider.

Modification of the Services

SILQU retains the right to modify or temporarily or permanently shut down the services or parts of the services, either with or without prior notification. By accepting the Terms, the user agrees that Provider is not to be held responsible to the user or any third party for these modifications, disruptions and discontinuations of the services or parts of the services and for all deeds, damages and losses induced by these factors.


The user bears their own responsibility in respect to the reliable connection to the Internet and SILQU is not responsible for availability of this connection and inability of the user to read the content of the Service. SILQU does not guarantee the availability of the Service, mainly by reasons disruptions caused by hardware or software failures of the third parties and which is not property of the Provider.

Violation of the Terms

The user has to protect their account including their credentials and access to the Service. By accepting the Terms, the user agrees to be the only responsible for any losses, charges, damages and expenses, including the court costs, induced by using the Service, caused by the violation of the Terms in regard to the user account, for both the user and the third party.

Agreement Termination Between the User and SILQU.

If SILQU reasons that the user violates the Terms or applicable legislation, SILQU is allowed to immediately revoke the password, deactivate or delete the account and is allowed to prevent the user from further using the Service.


SILQU is entitled to process the personal data of the users in the extent necessary to use the Service, especially the data necessary to put the agreement between SILQU and the user into effect. By completing the registration process, the user gives consent to process the following personal data: name of the subject, first name, last name, ID, address, e-mail, phone number, for duration of the registration or possible later requirement to get in touch. Personal data provided by the user are processed in order to run the user account. SILQU is entitled to transfer the process duty of the personal data to a third party. By accepting these Terms, the user agrees to let their personal data be processed for further business and marketing purposes of the Provider.

SILQU is a manager of the personal data. The protection of personal data conforms to the applicable legislation of the respective country.

The user acknowledges that in the event of breaching the law or the rights and legitimate interests of SILQU or third-parties, SILQU is entitled to disclose the personal information including the user's IP address, especially to pass it to the Police or other government authorities and to do that even internationally.

SILQU is not responsible for misuse of personal data of the user as a result of the law being infringed by third party.

SILQU shall ensure the security of personal data entered, to prevent their unauthorized collection or other abuse according to his best knowledge and capabilities.

The User agrees that SILQU will keep data necessary for modular connection to the third-party providers and these data will be used to ensure demanded functionality.

Login Security

The login is performed through a secure HTTPS protocol which is signed by the authority. The login process is protected against so-called dictionary and brute-force attacks.

Account cancellation

The account will be canceled in case of inactivity. If at least one of the users does not log in to the account for more than 12 months, an e-mail notification will be sent to the registered e-mail address. If at least one of the users does not log in to the account for more than next 60 days, the account will be automatically deleted.

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