• Tenants can pay however they want from any bank account or Mpesa directly to your account instantly.
  • With no subscription plan and a simple pricing structure, your rent and service charge payments will be automatically updated and fully filtered, so you can access the financial information at a glance.
  • We also consolidate all your rental payments in one online space to save yourself time and effort.
  • Our automated rental collection system is configured to send automatic payment reminders and notifications when rent is due to your tenants - so you don’t have to.
  • As a landlord, property manager or owner you will have access to:
    • Automatic tenant payment reminders
    • Transparent payment tracking
    • Inbuilt smart accounting platform
    • Intelligent dashboards for the landlord portal
    • Detailed financial and accounting statements
    • Simplified automated billing manager and custom invoicing
    • Real time funds withdrawal to any bank account
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