Are you a landlord? Here’s why you should consider investing in digital property Management System

8/6/2023 8:53:22 PM

As a landlord, your day-to-day management of the property can quickly become a nightmare as dealing with tenants can be very frustrating. Tracking rent arrears is a major pain point. For you to establish who has paid, who has not and the ones with balances, you have to go through countless receipts, and look through your statements & records. The process takes weeks and before your agent or caretaker generates reports and send alerts to those with arrears, another month is gone and its time to repeat the process. AGAIN.

But the headache is not only for you as a landlord. Nothing tires your tenants like standing on long queues in banks to pay rent at the end of the month. And then asking them to deposit receipts manually which is not only time consuming but very tiresome.

However, these hustles are a thing of the past, thanks to the No.1 digital smart property management solution called SILQU that allows your tenants to do so much more through an easy-to-use intuitive portal; Your tenants have access to the system using 3 main channels namely;

·        Mobile app

·        Web and/or

·        USSD

The tenant logs in using their mobile number and password to access their account. Once successfully logged in, they have access to their tenant dashboard that allows them to:

·        pay rent using MPESA or bank transfer directly from their smart phone at their comfort, anytime anywhere

·        View pending balances to see exactly what is due and what was paid.

·        View and download statements

·        Download receipts

·        Issue vacate notices

·        raise a concern/complain in real time

In addition to that, the tenants have access to their personal information, excess payments, accounts statements, pending invoices and pending notifications.

Paying Rent is Simple, The System has an inbuilt and secured rent payment gateway that is integrated with Banks and popular payment methods such as Mpesa and Airtel money.  The tenant selects the preferred payment method either via MPESA, VISA, BANK transfer or airtel Money then proceed to fill the payment details correctly, enter the amount and submit.


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