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1. What Is SILQU? – We are a property management system provider and not a management company. We leverage advanced technology and personalized techniques to fully automate end to end property management processes from rent collection, billing, tenant management & support, property marketing and much more. We have a decade of Tech and real estate expertise specifically for property management technology in both residential and commercial business having been in the industry for periods spanning over10 years. to manage?

2.Who can use the system? SILQU is built for property managers, management companies, owners, landlords, investors, tenants or anyone managing any property.

3. What type of property does the system work for? Our system works with all property types.

  •  Residential properties: Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo, Townhouse, Apartment
  • Commercial properties: Industrial, Office, Retail, Shopping Center, Storage, Parking, Co-Working, Parking Spaces, malls etc
  • Student Housing
  • Mobile Homes
  • Community Associations & HOAs

4.What are the system features?

  • Rent Collection & Payment Processing.
  • Property Accounting And Accounts Reconciliation.
  • Tenant Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Landlord Expenses And Payments Management.
  • Water/Electricity/garbage Billing Management.
  • Reporting and Analytics.
  • Streamlined Communication channel.
  • Visit our Features page to learn more.

5. How can you access the system? The system can be accessed in 4 main channels namely:

  • ·        Web, mobile app, USSD, Chat bot.

6.What is the process to get started? Free Simple & easy setup in 3 easy steps. Be up and running in less than a minute. Follow this link to get started: https://demo.silqu.com/setup or view video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxnY2zWNt5M&ab_channel=SILQU

7.What if I already have a property manager/caretaker? You can use SILQU on top of your existing management solution. Use time saving and automation features that don’t yet exist with your current management solution. You can also use SILQU for all your new properties, units, and leases and slowly migrate your entire portfolio over with each renewal.

8.Do I need training to use the system? we have 24/07 unlimited free training and support for you and your entire team including tutorial videos, tenant training and support, on premise support and more. The best part is, you no longer have to train your team or answer any questions about the system, we’ll do it for you!

9.If I’m currently using excel, google sheets, manual bookkeeping, how will you help? Simply put: SIMPLIFY. AUTOMATE. MANAGE. Why use multiple manual solutions that exposes you to fraud and errors when you can use one that combines everything, saves you time and does so much more? Automate your repetitive tasks so you can focus on what really matters - building better relationships and growing your rental business.

10.How much do I pay to get started? Getting started is absolutely FREE of charge. No setup fees, no hidden charges, no monthly costs.

11. Do you have a trial period? YES! We give upto 30 days FREE trial with unlimited support and full system benefits to you and your tenants. You will receive free updates, and a dedicated account manager.

12.What is the price breakdown – FREE SETUP. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. CANCEL ANYTIME.Price starts at 3% commission on amount collected per month (negotiable). See pricing and features here (https://demo.silqu.com/default/pricing)

13.How much is support and system upgrades – System support, upgrades and updates are totally free of charge.

14.When do I start paying for the system? –You only start paying if you would like to upgrade to a premium package Upon completion of your free 30 days trial.

15.How much will I pay if I was to use alternative software’s/ competition? When you spend money, you expect something in return. With SILQU we will help you save upto 90% of your rental profits. We will help you and your team get more done in less time. We want you to grow your portfolio and revenue, without growing your expenses and overhead. Why pay MORE for Less when you can pay LESS for more?

16.Do I pay for the SMS service? All sms services and communications are totally free of charge.

Data privacy.

17.How safe is my data? Your data is secured using bank-grade security - the toughest in the industry.

18.How can I delete all my data? If you have full Admin access on your account, you can delete all your data yourself

Visit our Data privacy page to learn more

Getting started.

19.Do you have a DEMO I can see? Yes. You can view the DEMO here

20. How do I set up a free account? Setting an account is simple and in 3 easy steps: Log in to www.silqu.com

  • ·        Click on get started
  • ·        Add your personal information
  • ·        Add property information
  • ·        Add units and tenants details and submit

It really is that simple. Click here to get started.

21.How long is the trial period – You get 30 days free trial period.

22.What if I don’t like the system? you are free to cancel your account at any time or export your data and use another software

23.Can you customize the system to suit my needs? Yes the system is fully customizable to suit your specific requirements.

24.I have more questions - Please click here to send us a message, or call 0717888828 and we promise to respond within 24 hours guaranteed.








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