SILQU and Eden Bridge Capital sign off a strategic partnership deal to transform real estate.

1/24/2024 9:35:22 PM

Landlords can now get a loan facility using their rental properties thanks to Edenbridge Capital Limited, a non bank financial services company registered in Kenya that offer loans, guarantees and insurance products. Individuals, Small and medium businesses have the potential to thrive, but lack access to capital required to do so.

Financing your business is a big decision. they aim to gain in-depth knowledge of your business, so that they can understand your aspirations for growth and development. This means they can provide trusted advice on options available to you, that best suit your business needs.

Business loans in Kenya are designed to help small and microbusiness owners increase their working capital. It is a loan product for established business owners who need a dependable loan facility to expand their operations.

They understand that you have a vision and a mission to expand and develop your business, and that financing may be a major roadblock to your success. As a result, Edenbridge Capital have devised a solution to the annoyance you may feel when dealing with conventional financial institutions that have rigid regulations, terms, and conditions.

They offer a smart, scalable, and customized finance solution to help your business grow, allowing you to concentrate on the more practical aspects of your business growth. Regardless of the size or existence of your business, They tailor the financial solutions to suit your needs.


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