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12/12/2022 7:25:58 PM

Technology has driven every sector to greater heights and real estate is no exception. Technology additionally has made operations in business seamless, efficient, and easy to manage. Basically, applications streamline operations in business economics from the comfort of one’s gadget or phone. Silqu app has transformed Africa's real estate sector in the following ways:

1.   Reducing paperwork

This application has streamlined operations on real estate and made them seamless and efficient. With a reduction in paperwork, underhand dealings on real estate are dealt with efficiently. Furthermore, licensing of property and taxation of businesses do not give room for corruption to thrive.

More so, in instances where the correct paperwork mechanisms have been granted and followed to the letter, property conflict is solved and property law cases are well documented for future precedence on property law, dispute, and resolution mechanisms as stipulated in the court of law.

2.   Innovation

Entrepreneurs have fast-tracked innovation toward real estate to reach a new level of growth. Via this app, the property industry is looked at very positively. In the same vein, how homes are being sold, bought, or rented has also taken a huge and massive shift.

Property can be managed from a different geographical location without being physically at the location all the time. For example, in terms of a property purchase or lease, buyers and sellers can communicate via this application and execute property business on the go without “property sale middlemen”.

3.   Managing Properties

Property management is a whole “subsector” within the real estate industry. This application couldn’t have come at a better time than now when investors have properties in diverse geographical locations and want to keep track of their growth or operations from their comfort.

Correct property management ensures issues such as rent, lease of property, property ownership, and property development and renovation are done in real-time via the app as an “assistant technology.” Interestingly, this application does bridge the gap between real estate needs and tech “wants”.

In an age where property exhibition and property sale are done via the online space, it is only imperative that management of the property is done while incorporating and taking full advantage of tech that is here to stay and will provide numerous solutions to all businesses including the real estate sector.

4.   Bridging the Real Estate “information gap”

For the longest time, people have associated the real estate industry with a business of the “elite”, chosen few, or being wealthy and rich. This is farfetched and far from the truth. Information as a powerful tool to bridge the real estate information needs ensures people understand what is real estate, how they can participate in the real estate economy within their financial means and own or even purchase property and live in their “dream homes”.

All information in this application is designed to be understood by all even those who haven’t had a career in the real estate industry. Due to the fact that information is power, people can transform real estate information into a real estate income earner and boost their livelihoods.

There is so much information on real estate that is well appreciated and managed, that employment can be generated and poverty eradicated.

5.   The Application accessibility

This application can be downloaded from Google Play. With its easier accessibility, property owners can manage their property from their gadgets and visualize the property in question in diverse ways.

In a nutshell, this application helps landlords, property managers, agents, and other property owners streamline rent management, tenant management, facility management, accounting of property, and real estate growth in a “Smart and Tech savvy way”.

6.   Business Success

For any business to thrive, it has to embrace the 21st-century methods of growth, success, efficiency, and seamlessness. Technology via SILQU ensures real estate growth isn’t limited to the “money factor” but cuts across all real estate enthusiasts and potential real estate investors.

Property management ensures the real estate industry is decentralized and all smartphone owners have real estate information and property knowledge so that the “real estate knowledge gap” is eradicated in the long run.

Credit: Victor Kiplagat


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