Avoid These Expensive mistakes as a Landlord.

10/24/2022 1:37:24 PM

Have you ever looked back as a landlord and say I wished I knew this earlier? Well, this is for you.

Real estate is a lucrative business, more so investing in rental business. And, earning rental property is a great way to make rental income. BUT, being a landlord also comes with its risks and challenges. If not planned correctly it could be your worst nightmare.

Heres why?

1.    You must advertise your property to look for new tenants

2.    You must manually bill them and collect rent and service charge

3.    You must deal with tenants complain

4.    You must have proper accounting records of all tenants’ arrears and invoices

5.    You must manually write receipts for each payment and keep copies

6.    You must confirm every transaction with your bank so they don’t defraud you

…………………………AND SO ON AND SO FORTH …………………..

 Currently you have very few available options as solutions for your headache.

1.    Do It Yourself (SELF MANAGE)

2.    Property Management Companies and softwares

3.    Billing managers

Unfortunately, all these options are either very expensive, complicated, tedious, manual or lack transparency and accountability.



 SILQU – An advanced PropTech platform that bridges the gap between real estate needs and technology. Silqu has built capacity in key real estate functionalities from automation of rent and service charge collection, real time payment reconciliation, inbuilt billing manager that allows you to automate of all tenant billings, invoices, statements and receipts.

So, whether you manage 2000 units or just a landlord with 1 property, we will help you manage, track and view all financial reports, expenses, occupancy and everything that relates to your rental property simply by a click of a button, the smart way.

Get started today. SIGN UP FOR FREE here: https://demo.silqu.com/login and enjoy up to 30 days free trial period.

Make More Money, spend less time collecting it.


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