How SILQU compares to other Property Management Softwares

6/22/2023 2:47:27 PM

Property management software streamlines and automates the day-to-day responsibilities of landlords and property owners or managers. The core functionality of property management software revolves around the management of real estate, either in terms of physical space, tenants, leasing, or accounting.

A good Management software should;

  • Track and monitor the financials of a rental property
  • Be used by a property owner, property manager or landlords
  • Automate the daily operations of a real estate property
  • Provide a portal or method of communication between tenant and property owner
  • Be easy to use.

Let’s look at what sets SILQU apart from the rest. 

1.   Setup - Pricing.

A quick comparison at the available options for property management software’s, one will be charged anywhere between Ksh. 15K/month – 120K/ Year with additional integration costs of up to 20k for Bank and Mpesa (Till) integrations. The landlord will also be charged for SMS to your tenants at Ksh. 1 per SMS

With SILQU, setup is absolutely free with a one-month free trial period. All integrations and SMS services are also free of charge. GET MORE PAY LESS. 

2.   Billing Manager

Landlords and Property managers needs automated billing managers that allows them to bill all tenants at once or individually at anytime, anywhere. The also need a custom billing manager that allows them to modify, add, monitor, customize or remove as many billing entries as possible when they need to.

Unfortunately, the current billing managers available do not offer this functionality or are not custom to Landlord’s preferences. SILQU allows you to add, customize billing entries to all or individual tenants any how you see fit, at anytime, anywhere.   

3.   Commission (Costings)

Many properties management software’s will charge you anywhere between 7-10% of the amount collected over and above the setup costs and additional costs may apply. SILQU charges 3% only + ZERO setup cost and that is way below the market rate and give you twice the value you will get from the management software’s. Why pay more when you can get better for less? 

4.   Account Reconciliations

If you run too many transactions from a single bank account, bank reconciliation can become a headache. Manual account reconciliations can be tedious, disorganized, inefficient and are unable to enforce proper financial reporting. SILQU has an inbuilt advanced financial accounting platform that automates all bank reconciliations in real time.

A landlord is notified of all payments from his mobile app or web as they stream in, you can select individual tenant or property and view the statements in real time. You can also custom search using the date range. A landlord can print or download statements at any time by a click of a button. 

5.   Landlord, Tenant and Listing portals

A good PMS should have an easy-to-use Portal that allows landlords and property owners effectively maneuver the portal without any troubles. Navigating through the user functions should be straight forward.

SILQU was custom built with this in mind. An easy-to-use Administration panel that allows landlords to add property, units, tenants, billing entries, vacate a tenant, view the properties, summary dashboard, finances, reporting, statements, collections, accrued debt and so much more just by a click of a button. Tenants can view their invoices, statements, receipts, make rent payments, give vacate notices and so much more. 

6.   Real time Bank Settlements.

As a landlord, you should not wait to be notified of funds settled to your account. You need not to call your property manager to ask if they deposited funds to your account. SILQU offers real time bank settlements to any bank account in less than a second.

As soon as rent is paid by your tenants, the funds are in your account PAP. How cool is that?

SILQU communicates directly with all leading banks in Kenya and Africa. 

7.   User experience.

While many Property management solutions comes as softwares or mobile apps only, SILQU can be accessed via multiple channels ie ; USSD, Mobile APP and WEB. This allows users to have the flexibility to access our service how they want, anywhere they want. We pride ourselves to be Africa’s most advanced Smart tech platform in real estate. This has been tried and tested. What are you waiting for? Experience the difference.

SILQU – the smart real estate.


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