Challenges we as Prop-Tech are solving to achieve rapid adoption.

11/10/2022 11:57:46 AM


As SILQU we appreciate there is a psychological power that comes from effective body language e.g. a handshake, when it comes to real estate. Most business is generated through cultivation of relationships and trust between the key parties involved.

That is why as a PROP-TECH platform we are focused on integration into businesses that have cultivated this said relationships, by total empowerment of their operations with the necessary simplicity to allow efficient delivery and more time to improve relations with their clientele. We do this by

  • Automated rent and utilities collection, payment gateway.
  • Structured reports and financial statements.
  • Real time payment alerts and disbursement of funds to any bank account.
  • Tenant, landlord and service providers management portal.
  • Automated listings advertisement on our website.


SILQU is making a case for organizational change, by breaking the rigidity of existing segments in the market i.e. payments, accounting, records, facility management, marketing and agency. We are empowering those that are ready for SMART real estate with an end to end platform, letting them focus on building relations for more business with with world class TECH backing them.


A platform could be built, but without need for regular use by those using it, adoption will be weak. Therefore we ensure our platform is easy to use, with enough functionality to keep landlords, tenants, agents or property managers engaged even in between payment deadlines.


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